Yama [moral ethics]
Niyama [study and evolvement]
Asana [poses]
Pranayama [breathing techniques]
Pratyahara [control the senses - focus]
Dharana [concentration]
Dhyana [meditation]
Samadhi [contemplation - Bliss]

Pure Powerful Cures


Reiki is an ancient therapy originated in Japan based on the projection of Life’s vital energy, as known as Ki, Chi or Prana. Positioning the hands on the body with the goal to establish balance, therefore, preventing disease and illness, and promoting Health and well being.

Reiki helps the body manage its own energy fields (Ki, Chi, Prana), influencing how to compensate and balance its energy.

By balancing our vital energy (Ki, Chi, Prana) the body efficiently guarantees the process of self-healing, slowing down the aging process.

Today you will find Reiki amongst professionals in various Health fields, and it is considered a great addition to any conventional treatment.

Quantum Touch

Quantum Touch is a therapy, and it uses energy to correct and fix the body’s emotional and mental states.

Quantum Touch raises a person’s energy frequencies, creating changes and corrections physically, that are more challenging to achieve with other approaches.

It is a method of applying the hands with a soft touch, combined with breathing techniques and the projection of the energy created by the healer. Activating the patient’s self-healing process.

In Reiki the therapist is Life’s vital energy vehicle, connecting it onto the patient; person, animal, plant… through his hands.
In Quantum Touch the energy is created and maintained by the therapist


Yoga means union, unity.

In the Hindu philosophy it means to unite the human being with his/hers essence, Purusha.

Yoga is an ancient practice with more then 5000 years, originated in India with goals such as, the balance between the body, the mind, the physical well being and the soul. The self-awareness, communion, between the individual and the Whole through the eight limbs of Yoga: